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Brief of Group Discussion on Live Chat Chatwoo regarding Regular Backups and Restores

Brief of Group Discussion on Live Chat Chatwoo regarding "Who is responsible for Website Security?"


Website is business in networked world. To protect your business premium web hosting providers, offers best infrastructure, installs Firewalls, Intrusion monitoring softwares and DDoS protection devices. Despite all this, business websites are hacked, disrupted or destroyed by hackers. Web Hosting disclaims that if it is vulnerability in website programming, the provider can not be held responsible for the same. Then, who is responsible, Web developers who build your website? A website need to be monitored for vulnerabilities and its programs must be updated on time. Take an example of Wordpress website, new upgradations regularly come up, and it is the responsibility of the website owner to upgrade it, as they come. These upgradations are basically the patches while closes the loopholes in programming and makes your website more secure. Check for plugins last upgradations on their website, it is too old, not to use that. Also, there are websites which provide the information about disallowed plugins or potentially vulnerable ones. If your own site is compromised, how a website hosting company can fix that?

Although it is collective responsibility of both to do the efforts to keep the website safe from regularly updating so called hackers.

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